Monday, 23 January 2012

Fat cats and volunteers.

Most people are aware that the top few at BW are enjoying a remuneration package well beyond their capabilities. With redundancies planned to help raise their bonuses and their pension provision. However, they are not alone in the melee circling round the trough.

Ta daa!......

News on the CaRT volunteering front comes by way of a picture from a recent training event. Here the volunteers pay strict attention as they learn about division of duty and the team leader structure that will soon be in place.

The team leader is demonstrating the use of the CaRT supplied volunteers spade.  Now that BW has sold off all the tools and other assets, the volunteers are required to bring their own. A search of local back garden sheds by the ASBO volunteers is expected later this evening.

Billy Bob has brought along a green water container which he will leave on the towpath for other volunteers to use. Jim Bo has brought along a brown water container to be used in place of the sold Portaloo. This container will also be left on the towpath for future use. Swampy Sid has brought along a cold liquid lunch that he hopes he will not be leaving along the towpath, but will eventually end up in the canal.



  1. Sadly the disappearance of the towpath portaloo raises a thorny issue - potentially a painful one depending on the stance.

    And to be fair the 3 volunteers carrying containers are a shining beacon of the overwhelming enthusiasm for Cameroony's Big Liability, sorry, Society..


  2. I just don't understand why BW is selling off the tools that will be needed by CaRT to kit out the volunteers - Unless they are not expecting anyone to turn up!

    Maybe someone has a contract in place ready to supply the tools and CaRT owning their own would get in the way.


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