Thursday, 1 March 2012

The March Caption Competition

The March Caption Competition.

The caption competition is intended for you to be able to display your prowess at providing a pithy and witty caption. One that has a watery theme to it at the same time. This months judging panel consists of celebrity Hairdresser - Barbara Seville, celebrity Chef - Biff Wellington, sleep consultant Constance Noring, boating correspondant Crystal Claire Waters, gardening correspondant Douglas Furr, royal correspondant Earl Lee Riser, Hugh Jass, Ginger Vitus, Heidi Clare, Hugh Jorgan and Tony Hales winner of the lifetime achievement award for standing still.

A CanalWorld Forum Banter.

There are no prizes as the blog meister is a cheapskate and tight fisted old curmudgeon. But you will reluctantly get a mention in the captains blog. You can submit your entry on the back of a ten pound note or by using the comments feature below. (now we will find out who the cheapskates are)

The February competition was won by Heth with "Ladies & gentlemen where've you all gone?"



  1. Sorry just spent my last tenner.

    Caption is

    "C&RT executive initiation ceremony"

  2. American accent acceptance speech: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much, (sniff).

    I'd like to thank my mom & dad for creating me so I could win this award, (sniff).

    And there's a few others in my team I'd like to thank (sniff).

    Aunty Ethel (make up)
    Uncle Bert (stunts)
    My travel Agent (cheap flights)
    My hairdresser for creating detachable extensions)

    And last but not least my designer perfume outlet at strangesmellsdotcom

    Sob / tears / sniff / smile / check eye make up hasn't run...

    PS: Do I get the tenner I never submitted now??

    PPS: Just added myself as a follower on here, the more the merrier. (Even tho, as you know, I've been reading your blog from the start - undercover).



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