Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Amazing level of service provided.

I returned back to the boat to be informed by SWMBO that the water tank was empty. This came as a bit of a surprise because I had only filled it up the day before. A quick sounding of the tank proved that it was about 75% full. I got out my trusty 'AVO' meter and checked for appropriate voltages at the pump - which were present.  I then did the usual and gave the pump a knock with the hammer, just in case the pressure switch was stuck.

As there was no change from having a clout with the hammer and as the motor was not popping fuses, it was time to strip it out. I turned off the isolation tap from the tank. and removed the pump. Once it was on the bench a quick check around with the meter indicated a problem with the motor windings. I have a spares kit for the pump, but this does not include a spare for the actual motor. So its time to find a new replacement pump.

A search on-line soon found a selection of suppliers. I checked the local ones first, but no one had the required pump in stock. Time to look further afield for a replacement.  I found that Leisure Shop Direct had the needed ShurFlo pumps available. Not only that, but a tidy discount (Price: £49.95 inc VAT - RRP £79.82) on the usual retail price was available. They even do on-line price matching if you can find the item for sale cheaper elsewhere. In fact the level of discount tempted me into purchasing a spare - spare pump.  We have the same pump providing water to the galley and the shower unit and the same pump provides water to the maceration toilet system. So it seemed to be a good idea to have a ready spare available on board.

The two pumps were ordered and in no time at all I had paid on-line and a confirmation email was received. Later, a message arrived to say that the pumps would be delivered the next day between 11:46 and 12:46 by Interlink courier driver 'Joe'. Joe duly arrived at about 12:00. So there was no hanging around waiting all day for a delivery. By 1pm the pump was fitted in place and tested. The old pump had been a bit noisy in operation, the new pump is very quiet. So all is once again back to normal - ship shape and Bristol fashion. 

So if you need a ShurFlo water pump and you want a good discount, plus top service - Leisure Shop Direct - is as good as it gets.

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