Thursday, 2 February 2012

The February Caption Competition.

The February Caption Competition. 

The caption competition is intended for you to be able to display your prowess at providing a pithy and witty caption. One that has a watery theme to it at the same time. This months judging panel consists of her Serene hugeness the Queen of Barnsley, TV's Hexfactor winner Doris Dongle the voice of the decayed, Hugo Yorway the long lost explorer. Angus McCoatup senior dressmaker to the mayor of London. Osmosis Dewsbury and Eileen Dover winers of TV's Celebrity Pig Wrestling. Art Grant leader of the oily CaRT ballet and carrying company. Robyn Evans winner of the lifetime achievement award for piss poor services.

Is it a come as you are
party Mr Evans?

There are no prizes as the blog meister is a cheapskate and tight fisted old curmudgeon. But you will reluctantly get a mention in the captains blog. You can submit your entry on the back of a ten pound note or by using the comments feature below. (now we will find out who the cheapskates are)



  1. Pants, who need em, just don't drop me stick !

  2. Ladies & gentlemen, let me titifilate you with the hidden boater safety kit. (Don't worry you won't stand out from the crowd).

    The chicken fillets inflate automatically as you hit the water.

    The Dress, sorry thermal vest has 2strategically placed luminous stripes so one can be seen for miles, & if you get bored they can also be used as hula hoops.

    The cane can be used as a spare tiller in case yours drops off. And it also conceals a night vision camera in the handle.

    The bowler hat is a mini fridge freezer containing emergency food supplies.

    The strap below the knee is a roll of elastoplast for cuts & grazes, or anything else for that matter.

    The bow tie converts into an extra rope to hang oneself with in case one gets embarrassed with a bad manoevre.

    And finally the shoes can be used to practice tap dancing at the stern.

    Thank you ladies & gentlemen for your patience, we will be ready to set off shortly.

    Ladies & gentlemen where've you all gone?


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