Friday, 4 September 2015

Straight out of the arse of a dog

I'm not a canal festival person. Whist others take enjoyment from a bit of self indulgent, self congratulatory, mutual back slapping. I can't just can't get into the idea. So we tend to find out where the festivals are and then avoid the place. I think its the bowler hats, cravats and the ear splitting accordion playing that accompanies the mutual indulgent, pop popping of some shiny, brass polished, bit of ancient engine room porn. 

No, for me its the enjoyment of the high speed cycle track, we used to call the towpath. Where I can admire the masterful efforts of the large arsed, Dildo Baggins in their skin tight, technicoloured, Lycra and spandex body bags. 

But I must share with you one bit of - insider knowledge - which was imparted by a couple of the spandex clad cretins. When one said to his mate. 'I'm getting fed up with being sprayed by the bloody dog shit off your back wheel.' My heart skipped a beat -  I might have a rather unique solution to CaRT's problem of troublesome cyclists - and it comes straight out of the arse of a dog.


  1. Hi I used run a fishing club on the south Yorkshire canal in Sheffield they short that they owned it and pay nowt billy future narrow boat owner

    1. Bill, I understand how you feel. Though some do ask us to 'stir the pudding' to colour the water. As a boater when I come to people fishing I slow down. Cyclist in the main are quite considerate. There are always the exception to the rule.

      Take care


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