Thursday, 3 September 2015

Having a clear out!

Now, I'm a sociable sort of cove. I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest moans and groans from along the canal as well as what's going on out in the world beyond the towpath. 

I put postings in about a dozen or so arsebook forums. I have over the last few years gathered a small group of friends. Made up of people who I have met before acknowledging a friends requests from. 

But I also have a large list of people who have sent me friends requests. But I have no idea who they are and what we might have in common. I have stopped accepting requests as there is only so much candy crush shit I can take. 

I had a plough through my list of FarceBook friends and I have identified those who have never followed up by commenting or posting or exchanging messages. My list is so much shorter now...

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