Friday, 18 September 2015

Electorate apathy a thing of the past.

Brothers Sisters Comrades. You don't know and I can't begin to express how much those three words make an old man happy.  I was around for the lean years spent in opposition and I also witnessed the mean years under war monger Blair.  I never faltered in my belief that the labour party was a socialist party. It was the labour party that gave up its heritage and left behind its glorious history. Well that has changed now, the labour party has a long last come home.

For years I thought that the British electorate was apathetic when It came to politics. The reality is the electorate was waiting for new inspiration. It did not want to pick between two shades of blue. The electorate wanted an alternative choice to austerity and at the same time wanted a new style of politics. That time has arrived.

The electorate has and still is being spoon fed lies by the media. Newspapers lost their moral compass and sold their birthright. Metamorphosed into daily outpourings of  cheap as chips 'celebrity' news. Yet, at the same time this 'false moralising' media was more than happy to break the law and hack phones. To make money on the plight of families like the Dowler's and the McCann's. Building on the foundations laid by the Sun and the fabrication of news at Hillsborough.   What right do the media have to preach. What right do the media have to be allowed to continue to lie, spin and twist the news into a grotesque parody of the truth.  With their long history of lies and deceit of the last three decades. Its time we challenged them.

Social media and its content and commentary is beyond the control of the print media and the government. Hence the changes being currently being put in place to try and stifle free expression. The United Kingdom was listed among the 'Enemies of the Internet' in 2014 by Reporters Without Borders. The UK is now in a category of countries with the highest level of internet censorship and surveillance. It means there should be no sharing or linking of pages from The Sun, Daily Mail, The Express, The Telegraph and especially Sky news.

Well things have come full circle and I feel once more politically alive. The groundswell of public opinion has taken the the whole of parliament by surprise. It has shaken the establishment and its decades of complacency to the core. The Labour party under Corbyn has enthused and invigorated a whole new generation of the electorate. It has commandeered the political high ground and has set a political agenda for a changed spectrum of politics. Its called empowerment of people, politics. Now we the electorate have to follow the lead of the resurgent Labour Party and challenge the press as well as the Tory Party.

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