Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Big One (23-6)

Tuesday the 18th of September 2012

York to Naburn Lock

A late start (2:30) as the Memsahib had an appointment to get her eyes checked in York. The morning had brought with it showers of rain. However later in the morning as the rain faded away the wind started to build up.

We went out for lunch to a Chinese Restaurant called Jumbo on George Hudson Street, just a short walk from the moorings at Lendal Bridge. All you can eat - buffet style at £7 a head. The food is out of this world. A good number of their customers were of Chinese origin which is as good a recommendation as you could expect!

The trip down to Naburn Lock was uneventful but the wind made for a few interesting moments getting off the mooring in York and getting back on again on arrival at Naburn. A cold wind that sometimes made tears in our eyes. A few big insulated mugs of hot coffee helped to keep the cold at bay.

Wildlife: Groups of Swallows congregating on the telephone lines warn of the fast approaching time for them to migrate back to Africa. A few were still doing some last moment feeding of a late fledged brood. The Sand Martins have left and the Swift numbers are already falling.

This Weeks Solar Panel Data.
Average 16.7 Ah per day  High 42Ah Low 04Ah

Daily Total
Miles: 5.7
Locks: 0
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 1.6

Accumulated Totals
Miles: 1252.7
Locks: 861
Swing / Lift Bridges: 158
Tunnels. 22
Pump Outs: 14
Engine Hours: 2446.4


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  1. We noticed last weekend that the swallows have left Burton Waters. It was eerily quiet without them, but we wont miss their mess!!


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