Friday, 2 April 2010

Another Interesting Web Site.

If like me you can't seem to get enough, due to a bad infection of the "lack-of-boating-malaise". You might find that this site helps to ease the itching.  As it says on the tin website "The Website Site for Dredgers - Coasters - Barges and much, much more." so have a look at

My home town is Rotherham, one of the districts is called Masbrough. On the 7th of July, 1841 there occured a  boat disaster on the canal. With a huge loss of life. One of the victims "Samuel Heathcote" was one of my ancestors.

"The vessel was built by Mr. Chambers, for Henry and Edwin Cadman. Robert Marsh is to be the captain. I was present when the vessel was launched. I saw the launch; and as the vessel was leaving the stays, about half over on the balance, the parties on board (men and boys) rushed to the leeward side of the vessel to see the effect of its dashing into the water. By that means the weight of the men and boys to the leeward side caused her to overbalance and to overturn before she reached the water, which was about three feet from the stays. I was standing on a fly boat in the cut at the head of the vessel which was launched, and I had a good view of it. I had examined the vessel, the ways, and the packings, and I thought it altogether perfectly safe, having seen vessels launched befoore from the same yard. I thought it so safe that I was inclined to go on board, but from an impression among the boatmen that it is unlucky for an owner to be on board when a vessel is launched, I was persuaded not to go on board. The men were perfectly sober and quite steady, and conducted the business in the usual manner and to my satisfaction. "

Read the full story here.

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