Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hypocrisy has no limits

The hypocrisy of the gutter press has no limits. It is no less breathtaking for being so predictable. The British newspaper industry is owned by Billionaires. Each with a lust for money and power. The content is manipulated to protect their financial and political interests. The billionaire press damns Corbyn for not singing the 'national anthem' when he stood in a respectful silence. 

These are the same newspapers that made money from biased reporting of the slaughter of countless innocents throughout the middle east. Newspapers that now, pillories the new shadow chancellor for being (in their warped minds) a supporter of the armed republicanism in Ireland. Smear and innuendo is their way.

I don't know of any armed conflict beyond total genocide that was not resolved by both sides talking. What the newspaper proprietors are supporting is a form of genocide by prolonging the conflict - Content couched in fine rhetoric because it makes for good reading but more importantly excellent sales and improved profits.

The gutter press pillories McDonnell for seeking to understand the republican view of the British State.  The State was clearly involved in a decades long war it could not win. However, by talking to the protagonists  the Good Friday Agreement was obtained.  Do not for a minute suppose that if Thatcher or Blair had found a way to crush republican resistance, they wouldn't have seized it in an instant. Yet, through out this period the work done by the Secretary for State for Northern Ireland - Dr Maureen 'Mo' Mowlem. Work which as it came to fruition. Was given over by warmonger Blair to apologist Peter Mandelson to garner the tainted glory. Mo's part has since been almost airbrushed out of history by the press. 

What does any ruling class want? Everything. What does it fear? A popular movement which for the first time since the thirties threatens to open up in a big way the idea that the interests of humanity and those of profit, aren't quite the cosy fit it would have us believe. But what of the Labour lightweights on the right. Before the election result was out we had people we'd never heard of resigning from jobs they hadn't been offered. The muttered threats from sore losers contained talk of loyalty not to the millions disenfranchised and impoverished to pay for the bankers' crash. But to an ideology promoted by the gutter press. The needs, hopes and aspirations of millions don't enter this narrow and spiteful reckoning.

So what is to be done. It needs you, it needs me to become active.  The Corbyn victory must be followed rapidly by practical proof that, this man has touched the pulse and awakened the hopes of so many. The stakes are high. It is down to us that Jeremy Corbyn cannot be reduced by the gutter press to a marginalised leader. It will be worse for us all than if he'd never won the leadership. Far worse and for decades to come. Because the gutter press is determined that the new way of honest and open politics will be crushed. It will be without our support and pressure.

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