Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Boat names

I think I should broach the subject of boat names. In a more sensible discussion, conducted with deep cogitation or even deep thought and a modicum of reasoning into selecting the 'right' name for your boat.

I suppose for the Latin scholars there could be a play on Carpe diem or 'Seas The Day.' For those with the remnants of a spring still in their step, it could be 'Feeling Nauti.' For the ironic boater and the 4mph speed limit, its could be 'Usain Boat.' I suppose for the ones with with a good recall of their ancient memory it could be 'NautiBoy' or even 'NautiBouy.' The hen pecked boater might chose 'Aboat Time'. Anyone with a philosophical bent it could be 'To Sea or Knot To Sea.'

The Yorkshire branch of boating might choose 'Costaplenty.' The imbibers amongst us might choose 'Beeracuda.' You always have to have one for the ladies, so how about 'Passing Wind.' With one for the boys, how about 'Bow Movement.' If you like to splodge, it could be 'The Codfather' For the real oldies it could be 'Pier Pressure.' For those who do the towpath stagger it might be 'Cirrhosis of the River' or even 'Aquaholic.'

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