Monday, 19 May 2014

I'm in a flutter!

The British Isles and its inhabitants have a well deserved reputation as animal lovers. This also spreads to birds and other kinds of wildlife. Sometimes there is a need to control invasive species especially when it is placing one of our native species at risk of extinction. Take the grey squirrel as an example and the effect that it has upon the natural red squirrel population. The North American Mink is also having a similar impact because it is a top predator which has no natural control predator of its own. 

However, if I was to propose that some of our most loved bird species should have their nests and eggs destroyed, you would think that I had lost the plot. Well one such iconic bird is at threat of just that sort of treatment. We all love the Robin that friendly, iconic, red breasted inhabitant of our gardens and symbol of the British people.  The Robin is an   bird to be found on our Christmas cards. 

The Guardian says: The humble robin, regularly voted the nation's favourite garden bird, captures hearts and minds like few other species. Since the Victorian era it has been venerated on the front of Christmas cards and in prose and poetry. "A robin redbreast in a cage puts all heaven in a rage," William Blake decreed. 

Add to the list those wonderful little Pied Wagtails that we see populating the inner areas of our cities. And the Starling that creates those enchanting swarms, weaving, turning and swirling in the evening sky during the autumn. 

For boaters, the familiar Greylag geese and Mallards are also under threat. As are the Jackdaw, Jay and Collared dove.  But maybe, just maybe there is another reason. The government has changed building regulations to make planning consent for house building easier. There is also the 'help to buy' scheme which is increasing demand and there is also huge amounts of political donations in the offing for the next election.

Here is a link to where I believe the truth lies. Click Me

So next time you get to cast your vote and you are hard pressed to choose which party to support - remember you can vote for our wildlife. 

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