Tuesday, 20 May 2014

G4S gets £1 billion from UK taxpayers

Ripoff Britain

In the UK more and more public services are being provided by private contractors. But unfortunately these contractors are not always required to be as transparent and accountable as public sector service providers.

Take G4S, by way of an example. A security company who receive close to £1 billion from UK taxpayers each year. They are being investigated by the UK government's Serious Fraud Office for over billing the government and so that's you the tax payer, by millions of pounds. Click Here

Olympic Fiasco
They have made headlines with their bungling of huge contracts such as the London Olympics and for numerous deaths in their custody and care. Yet UK citizens have no voice against them, and even as the public belt gets pulled tighter and tighter, more contracts keep on rolling in. Click Here, Click Here and Click Here

When secretive private companies are contracted to do a job using taxpayers’ money, we normally have no say in how they run things and little recourse if things go wrong. We have lost democratic control over essential public infrastructure and services.

All private companies who receive public money must be subject to the same transparency requirements as governments when it comes to the goods and services they deliver. It’s time for secrecy around outsourced contracts to stop. Sign the petition now.

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