Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sleep Deprevation!

I have spent some time worrying about the problem of increasingly frequent bouts of insomnia. I must admit that the worry tends to keep me awake at night. I even consulted my doctor and I said 'apart from sleeping pills is there anything I can do to cure my insomnia?' To be honest the doctor was very supportive. She said 'You just have to get rid of the root cause.' I said 'That won't be easy, I'm still quite fond of the wife!'

To be honest, I sleep quite well. However, I have cut down on fluid intake of an evening to stop those late night calls of nature. My problem however, is that we have a dog who like the owner is a bit past her sell by date. She has no concept of time. Whenever a call of nature is required, she always comes to my side of the bed.

Sleep deprivation is one of the techniques used to break down the will power of a prisoner. Along with other techniques like water boarding. I'm convinced that in a previous life the old dog worked in a Stasi prison as a guard. Where she specialised in depriving human prisoners of sleep!

I found that whenever my sleep was disturbed, getting back to sleep was the difficult bit. My solution has been a small iPod, used with those soft 'bud' type earphones. I download a few choice items - often its made up of 'Radio 4' content. In no time at all, I find that I'm asleep. I put this down to Sandi Toksvig and others of her ilk providing a quiet distraction from mulling over what's happened today and the expectations for what might happen tomorrow. However, try as I might plugging the iPod into the old girls ears, proves that she does not like Radio 4 or apparently Sandi Toksvig. So I am still on the early morning shift of the dog walking day.

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