Monday, 19 May 2014

First Floating Hotel

This is just one of a series of old newspaper articles looking at the inland waterways and the things that were effecting the inland waterways. The most active periods for evaluation and change was always just prior to the two world wars. Between the wars the ownership of the canals changed hands and the railway companies bought up the canals to get rid of competition. Its good to take a look back at what people were saying and doing in the past. Most surprising of all, is the problems that beset the canals are still prevalent today.  Reading old newspapers can throw up some interesting stories. Here is what we would call today a public interest story.

Adelaide News
 16th April 1953
Boat Through England

What is believed to be the first floating hotel to operate on the inland waterways of Britain has been designed from two 72-ft. canal barges by Mr. Michael Streat, who served on RAF air-sea rescue launches.

"Nancy", one of the barges, will have a lounge, kitchen and dining room, and the other, "Nelson", will sleep the 12 passengers in, eight rooms, complete with hot and cold water and electric light. Painted brightly in traditional style, the two barge hotel will ply the country's canal network, operating from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, from May to October. 

The upper photograph shows a general view of the "Nancy"; the "living" half of the floating hotel, at her moorings. The lower photograph shows a lounge on the "Nancy" which is beautifully equipped and comfortable.

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