Sunday, 17 November 2013

More HS2

HS2 is the vanity object for the Cameron's government.

A very important question is if HS2 to be built, will it then be privatised later and just why will the private sector not get involved and provide any of the finance. Well why fund what you will get for peanuts later?

Is there any 'privatised industry' that has significantly improved services to the public?

British Gas?, British Rail?, British Airways?, British Airports Authority?, British Coal?, British Steel?, British Shipbuilders Corporation?, National Freight Consortium?, Property Services Agency?, Prison Service?, London Buses?, Water?, Royal Ordinance?, Deregulation of bus services?, National Bus Company?, Electricity?, Post Office?, Royal Mail?, British Telecom? or Privatisation of Qinetiq? Even the right to buy scheme has created a shortage of affordable housing. 

All this high speed  links between London and other major city's is a con trick. Technology over the next few years long before HS2 is completed will make HS2 a white elephant. Currently any reasonable laptop had sound and video built in. Video conferencing has been around for years and the current technology is already capable of providing face to face communications between individuals and groups.  Now, you can even use a mobile phone to have a video conversation with family and friends around the world.

There is increasing pressure to bring the railways back into public ownership. Almost every newspaper is publishing articles about the advantage to the public purse from renationalising the railways. This can be done at zero cost whenever a franchise comes up for renewal. Is there anything that better highlights the democratic deficit in Britain, and the gap between the political elite and ordinary people than the issue of renationalisation of the railways?

Rail privatisation has been terrible news for Britons. Who pay up to 10 times more for their season tickets than their continental counterparts. However for the banks, accountancy firms and capitalists like Richard Branson, whose Virgin Trains operation has hoovered more than £1.4 billion pounds of taxpayers' subsidies, it has been one great financial bonanza. 

Those who say it can't be done should look at the case of New Zealand where the railways were renationalised after a similarly disastrous experiment with privatisation. A Guardian Poll had 93% support of public ownership of the railways. MSN had 75 percent in support of renationalisation. Research agency GfK NOP had 70 percent of people in support of renationalisation. You can sign the railway renationalisation petition Click Here

Fiona Bruce Asked the Secretary of State for Transport what assessment he has made of the effect of proposed High Speed 2 route on (a) waterways and (b) waterways managed by the Canal and River Trust.
Photo of Robert GoodwillRobert Goodwill An environmental statement will be published alongside the hybrid Bill later this year. That document will set out likely significant impacts of the scheme, along with potential mitigation measures, including in relation to any waterways. The Minister of State for Transport, the noble Lady Baroness Kramer, will meet with the Canal and River Trust shortly.

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