Saturday 27 July 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (8)

The smartphone revolution continues and there are now applications to provide information to make your cruise more enjoyable. Now you can do your bit and snap some candid photographs. A friend of mine has used this spy cam system to record some jaw dropping and amazing security footage. Alternatively, have you ever wondered what you pets get up to whenever you leave them on the boat?

Spy Camera OS is one such Android smartphone application. (Free)

Spy Camera OS is an open source spy camera. Everyone at one time will want to capture image without anyone notice it, this application will give you an easy, fast and smart way doing it. This application is in constant development because its open source. You can have a lot of fun with this little application.

Features: Open source. Small size application. Full camera resolution. Fast capture. Back or front camera. Auto shot with delay setting. Face detection auto shot. Burst shot. Black screen (touch to capture) Pinch to zoom. Hide/show folder on Gallery. Vibration. Video Recording (Experimental) Save to internal/external storage. Background capture/recording (Experimental) Widget for faster capture and more secure short cut naming


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