Monday, 18 November 2013

Clipboard crusaders in a league of their own.

Today the weather is turning a bit colder but dryer. So I expect that some of us will be accosted on the high street by those very charitable individuals we have now come to know and love as 'chuggers'. I always find the word chugging to bring a rueful smile to my face, as its a popular word with students for throwing up after a binge drinking evening out. Then I came across a short video about chuggers. It is very reminiscent of the old 'league of gentlemen' type of black comedy.

In a way the film portrays the usual 'clipboard crusader' stuff. Then drifts away from the high street and moves on to what seem at first glance to be a towpath like habitat. Which in a coincidental way seems to be the new way that the trust has for 'meeting and making new friends'. The towpath chugger like the high street chugger will wax lyrical about the charity. All done in a desperate attempt to solicit your bank details from you. Now, why anyone with the slightest scintilla of common sense would share their bank details with a total stranger on the high street has always amazed me. That someone would do it on the towpath seems even more mind boggling.

Here is a part of a poem written by a reformed chugger.

It was my first day at work, starting off as a Chugger,
 The nickname we’re given, meaning charity mugger.
“Just be warned Alex, we’re not well respected,
  9 times out of 10, you’ll be rejected.
"Don’t take it to heart; don’t let it in your head”
Were the wise words of wisdom, my team leader had said.
As people started coming, I yelled “Hello!”
Tried to grab their attention, before I’d let them go
“I’m alright thanks.” “No we’re okay.”
Was the typical response, a person would say

“Got any change sir? 10 pounds if you can
Not just for a one off donation, but for a long-term plan.
It’s not much to ask, for the things which we do.
We’ll start a direct-debit, if that’s alright with you?”
They said they’re too busy; then they shook my hand,
And walked on away, from my charity stand.
So I checked my phone, 6 hours had gone,
My teams had many donations, I haven’t had one.
The people being rude, started making me angry,
I’m only trying to raise awareness, for the charity.

The poem by Alex continues, but it might be a bit much for the delicate eyes of my more discerning reader. However, for those brave souls who might want to google the rest. Click Here I will save you the trouble, you have been warned.

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  1. O live and learn.
    I always thought that 'chuggers' were slow moving vehicles or old boats !
    and I was wrong tut tut


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