Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to feel Epic!

Yesterday, I wittered on a bit about my old mobile phone playing up and how I thought that tapping it with a hammer might help. Well it would not do anything for the phone but it would have released a bit of my pent-up feelings for a device that did not do what I wanted it to do.

I first came across this sort of fuse blowing situation many years ago. I had a work college who had been given by the boss a Sinclair scientific calculator to play around with. It was supposed to help with his job role. 

The problem was that the old SinSci used reverse polish notation. One day after a bit of absence of mind when he forgot to input whatever he was doing using the correct notation. He uttered a few expletives and placed the SinSci on the floor and then proceeded to stamp it into oblivion. No one ever questioned him about the trashed bit of kit - it was just accepted that he had expressed his thoughts on the design, concept, functionality and ease of use. Which in a way he had!

Fast forward to the present.

Today, we might raise such issues with the manufacturers customer service department. Or as an alternative, we might just blow a fuse. This Mancunian has taken customer complaints about his mobile phone to a whole new level. The irate customer trashed a T-Mobile store in Manchester city centre after apparently being refused a refund for a mobile phone contract.

Staff stood back in disbelief as he began to systematically rip phone displays off walls and overturn furniture. The middle-aged man, from Salford, also set off a fire extinguisher, while passers-by began filming his angry episode on their mobile phones. 

It was later posted on YouTube where it has already received over a million  hits. His self satisfied smile and "I feel epic" look at the end shows that he feels at one with the world.

He even has a fan page


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