Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cameron's Economic Cleansing.

Do you remember Dame Shirley Porter - The doyen of John Major's Tory Government. She was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1991 after delivering "a spectacular victory" in Westminster for the Conservatives in the 1990 elections. Given by PM John Major. Edwina Curry his bit on the side famously said "Northerners die of ignorance and chips." Such an endearing trio who really got back to basics, family values and sleaze. 

While leader of Westminster City Council Dame Shirley oversaw the "Building Stable Communities" policy. Later described as the "homes for votes" scandal. The policy was judged illegal by the district auditor, and a surcharge of £27m levied on her in 1996. This was later raised to £42 million with interest and costs. She eventually settled in 2004, paying a full payment of £12.3 million. But shed no tear's as Dame Shirl's was the daughter and heir of Sir Jack Cohen, the founder of Tesco supermarkets and not short of a few shekels.

A vital part of "Building Stable Communities" was the removal of homeless voters and others who lived in hostels and were perceived less likely to vote Conservative, such as students and nurses. Councils in the Home Counties soon became aware of homeless individuals and families from Westminster arriving. Many with complex mental health and addiction problems, being relocated to their area.

Did you know that on some High Street chains the cost of everything from a cup of coffee to a visit to the cinema can vary depending on where it is located. Many items are significantly cheaper in a northern town when compared with somewhere like London.

We all know that it is more expensive to live in London but you might expect the costs of staple items to be much the same. The Greggs chain, for example, charges 85p for a large sausage roll in Hammersmith, which is almost 30 per cent more than the 66p it charges in Hull.

Hull: The average house price is £106,250 while the typical weekly salary is £408.20 Hammersmith: The average house price is £550,000 while the average weekly salary is £610.70

Unsurprisingly, the (tax cutting for the wealthy) chancellor George Osborne, has seized upon this as a reason for another round of cost cutting and is currently consulting on a plan to introduce "regional wages" in the public sector. The idea is that everyone from street cleaners to teachers would be paid less where the cost of living is lower.

Northerners would be paid lower benefits under plans being considered by ministers. People in parts of the country where the cost of living is cheaper could receive less in Jobseekers’ Allowance, housing benefit and disability benefits than those in more expensive areas. 

In practice, this would mean lower benefits in places such as Middlesbrough and Merseyside and higher welfare payments in pricier areas such as Tory hotspots such as Oxford or Bath.

But there is a hidden Tory agenda.

This is in effect a Tory "double whammy" for the Con-a-Lib government. As those people on low incomes - the ones who tend not to vote Tory can be moved out of town. A process known as Gerrymandering! However saying you are doing it for one reason but having a hidden agenda of cleansing for votes is typical of this coalition of knaves.

People in London and other wealthy areas could be sent as far a way as Hull because of a lack of private accommodation in the capital. Housing charities who fear new government legislation will result in a mass exodus of those on the bottom rungs of the housing ladder to areas with cheaper rents. This will put extra demand on an already existing shortage of accommodation in northern towns and cities. This will transfer the additional costs of supporting these families onto northern councils.

The Ethnic Cleansing of non tory voting families started by former Conservative leader of Westminster City Council Dame Shirley Porter is alive and well and still residing in the hearts of this Tory led government.

Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London, described homes for votes as one of the greatest post-war political scandals she said: "The highest court in the land found her guilty of gerrymandering. There isn't a much worse offence than that in politics. It is definitely up there in the hall of infamy." journalist Leo McKinstry described her as "the high priestess of Tory sleaze."

The coalition's Localism Act, which is due to be enforced in the spring, enables local authorities to place those without a home in privately rented accommodation. Croydon Council is already seeking accommodation in Hull and other Yorkshire towns to rehouse their citizens, with other boroughs expected to follow suit.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of housing charity Shelter, said "The fact that councils may be considering making use of these powers to offer people homes away from their local areas - potentially having to uproot families from schools, communities and jobs - is testament to the scale of the housing crisis. This upheaval could have a devastating impact on the children's education and a family's well being.Taking families away from their support networks at a time when they need them most is not going to help them back on their feet."

As the saying goes "A crock of "fecal matter" still smells no matter how many flowers you plant round it."


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