Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Big One (15-1)

Sunday 8th July 2012

Sheepcote Street Bridge.

Today was a fairly dry day - we only had two or three short showers of rain. Though for most of the day the sky was still overcast. The inclement weather over the spring and early summer has now brought about the end of the hosepipe ban. It seems so incongruous that in areas where there are peoples home's flooded with water - the hosepipe ban means that they can't use water to flush the floors clean!

The formula one race from Silverstone was quite entertaining. As was the men's final at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon. Better luck next time Andy!

Today my faith in humanity was restored. At 3:30 this morning a great deal of noise was being made by a three people making their way along towpath on the opposite side to our mooring at Sheepcote Street Bridge. They were having such a good time laughing, shouting and removing items from boat roofs and throwing them into the canal. Boat poles and mops were noted floating along. 

The third person (a female) was busy trying to untie the lines on a moored boat. Seeing what was happening, I sounded a number of short blasts our boat horn. I am happy to report this had the desired effect. She attempted to make a run for it but being short and squat in build, her dash for cover was not of any athletic merit. 

However, she did manage to trip over a bollard and land on her face (in the pike position, I gave her a 5.7) I am sorry to say that she did not then fall into the canal. However as she limped away she was noted to be holding her forearm and making crying noises that said she was in a great deal of obvious pain. 

Her two partners in crime (one dressed in a white tracksuit and baseball hat and the other all in black and obviously bald) had by this time had it away on their toes. These two gentlemen abandoned her and ran away (unsteadily) in the direction of gas street basin. As she passed under one of the street lamps I could see she was now holding the wrist of her right arm in her left hand. I had a very uplifting feeling! As for the obviously deaf boaters in the other boats - all were noticeable by their absence - so I went back to bed. I now know there is still some natural justice in the world.

Daily Total
Miles: 0.0
Locks: 0
Swing/Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 0.0
Diesel: 0

Accumulated Totals
Miles: 972.5
Locks: 722
Swing / Lift Bridges: 119
Tunnels: 9
Pump Outs: 11
Engine Hours: 2250.3
Diesel: 40L (49.57)


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