Sunday, 8 July 2012

Life Changing Events.

Everyone has from time to time an event that changes their life. It might be after reading a book or meeting someone. Not only that, I have discovered that the changes can take place at almost any time in life. 

I remember as a kid I wrote a letter to Santa saying that I had I'd blocked up the chimney so that he could not bring a gift for my sister. Dad said, Santa will not be happy with you and he will probably go through the roof. I remember thinking, dad thinks Santa will make a hole in the roof to get in. I wonder who will repair the damage.

Then you get a little older and  you start to pride yourself on having a clear conscience. One day realisation dawns, that you have actually confused having a clear conscience with having a bad memory. But having a bad memory is not such a bad thing. After all those secrets you shared with your closest friends are safe because, like you they can't remember them either. 

Then one day you realise that you are much more mature than you remember. It dawns on you that almost everything about your body aches. Not only that but you realise that those few bits that do not ache, do not work. But the worst thing of all - is when you find yourself beginning to like accordion music.

We are all into life changing events, even some that we don't know about. Take the Europe wide financial meltdown. Everyone is lending money to each other and we stand on the sidelines being taken to the cleaners. Our government has U turned so many times that everyone is dizzy.

This might help to explain what I am wittering on about.


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