Friday, 8 July 2011

Screws of the World

I wrote a snippet last year about News of The Screws World. Which seems to be worthwhile to regurgitate in this time of "Get Dirty Digger Rupert Murdock and his News Empire." Newspapers have long been notorious for ditching and shifting staff around.

So why has News International stood fast with CEO Rebekah Brooks. Maybe she knows to much about who was involved to be sacrificed on the alter by The Sword of Truth and Honesty. Whoops! that was disgraced Conservative Minister Jonathan Aitken. Done up like a kipper by the News of the screws.

What is apparent is that the British public have started to vent their spleen, about the depths of depravity the senior management have allowed the News of the Screws to fall to. But being as it is a paper making its filthy tainted lucre on destroying other peoples lives. It did not have so far to fall anyway.

But there is more to this than meets the eye. David Cameron hired Andy Coulson as his Downing Street communications chief. Today, Andy Coulson has been arrested on suspicion of corruption and phone hacking. David Cameron stating the bleeding obvious now says that "He takes full responsibility for hiring Coulson" He should, because he did!

Makes you think about some of the other screws recent revelations!

David Beckham and Rebecca Loos.
Prince Harry's drink and drug use.
Jeffrey Archer's false alibi.
Angus Deayton's dalliances.
The FA's love triangle. (Faria Alam, Sven-Goran Eriksson and Mark Palios)
David Mellor and Antonia de Sancha.

I wonder if the insider information came from phone hacking scandal.

But I digress this is what I posted last year.

I found another interesting boating site, whilst wandering aimlessly around the web.

undefinedSome years ago a Sunday newspaper - The News of the World - ran a regular series of stories about men and women who helped other motorists in time of need.

The only thing I know about the News of the World was its fondness for sex scandals. Which gained it the nicknames "News of the Screws" and "Screws of the World". Here is the canals and rivers version of the same award.

It has nothing to do with screws but a bit more with propellers.

Since I wrote that the Knight of the Boat site seems to have disappeared from the net.


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