Saturday, 25 February 2012

You Know That You Are Getting Older When....

You know your getting old when.... At the start of a new day, those feelings you used to get as a teenager come back to haunt you all over again. You know, the feelings you used to get after a night out on the town with friends. Dancing, drinking and having a long walk home. The memories of the woozy head come flooding back, the unsteady walk feels so natural, the shaking hands as you try to eat a bacon sandwich which was the natural antidote and the ache from laying in a funny position. Often referred to as that morning-after feeling. I can't believe it was almost an everyday occurrence.

The problem was that I woke up this morning with the woozy head, the unsteady walk, the shaking hands and the ache from laying in a funny position. Deja vou of that oft fondly remembered morning-after feeling. The problem is that I didn't do anything the night before. With it comes the realisation of creeping physical frailty - I have just realised that that my back goes out more than I do these days!

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