Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ice - What Ice?

We get ice on our canals and rivers from time to time. But as our weather is softened by the gulf stream we avoid the worst of it. Compare our conditions with our boating companions in Serbia. According to the BBC, a rapid thaw has brought chaos to the River Danube in the Serbian capital Belgrade, where large thick ice sheets that have broken free have damaged many boats, pontoons and floating restaurants. The thick ice has covered one of Europe's busiest waterways during the recent freeze, but it began to break up very quickly as temperatures rose.

Boat owner, Mihailo Svilaric said only a "handful" of boats remained intact out of about 100 moored in the capital's Kapetanija marina. One boat owner said the ice had moved so fast, boats could not be saved. Several floating restaurants, barges and boats were beached on river banks after the ice snapped anchor lines. Ice sheets more than 30cm (11in) thick in places broke up as temperatures rose.

There are some amazing pictures here.

I think I will add another log to the stove....


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