Saturday, 15 October 2011

Canal and River Trust

The new name for British Waterways is to be changed to the Canal and River Trust. Not only that, but there is to be a brand new logo to go with the change of name. Looking closer at the logo I cant help but notice that the swan has its wings in an aggressive pose. Maybe that is representative of the feelings of the waterways users.

The inherent problem for logo's that include text, is that it encourages the graffiti artist to modify the logo in some way or other. I wonder what will happen in the future to this new logo.

This is my first attempt to become a Banksy graffiti artist and I came up with "anal rust" with just a couple of splodges of white paint. There is also a spray paint opportunity for the new charity on the charitable "red nose day". I also thought a broken bridge would be a more appropriate reflection of where we are today.

I did come up with a new version logo for BW almost two years ago. You will find it here

But are there other hidden meanings buried away in an acronym of CRT.

For a start there is "Clear Risk Transfer" which I feel is quite appropriate with a £40 million deficit to overcome.

We could then be left with a "Charitable Remainder Trust" to bodge together what's left. 

There would be a "Cash Rich Team" made up of the same top few. 

Some might say that this is a "Cynical Relations Team" keeping up the good work based on their well documented past triumphs. 

Or maybe a "Crisis Response Team" after all, I feel that there is a crisis coming and it's of their own making.

Now if I was less charitable, I might say "Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust" or "Clot Retention Team".

But I expect that we will retain the "Crap Reaction Time".

Leading up to this big new future for the waterways was the "Compulsory Redundancy Time" for the real workers.

I suppose the biggest part of the new RCT will be the "Complaint Resolution Team" who will be following on behind the "Complaint Regeneration Team" Who must be deaf because when ever I ring I get a "Continuous Ring Tone".

We all know that our future lies in the hands of the "Cadet Recruiting Team" and all the good work the cadets will be doing for nothing to the pound.

I believe that the truth is that CRT is the "Center for Reiki Training". Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. The more I read about the future under the new "leadership" of the same old, same old. The more stressed I become.

Freedom of information (FOI) requests were always difficult with BW because whenever we found out what was really happening (as opposed to a different perception or position published by BW) we became more stressed about the future. Our new "Cash Rich Team" have already said that they want to be outside of the scope of the FOI act. I wonder why? With all the lovely, extra large portions of pension cream, maybe CRT is "Cream Rich Team!"



  1. Flippin hilarious!!! Very well written :-)

    Still tittering now!

    PS: If I have to post this as anon, blame BogSpot...

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    Thing is I haven't got another account so what the?? It's so embarrassing - pass me a red nose lol

    TakeyTezey Heth

  2. Heth.

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