Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (8-3)

Wednesday October 12th

Ickles Lock to Tinsley Marina.
Day 52

The weather this morning is overcast and with that fine drizzle that gets into every pore. We are due to make our way up the Tinsley Flight and into our mooring at the end of our cruise. Passage starts when we meet up with the lock keeper at 9am. The dogs need to be walked before we make a start and a few chores completed before we move on.

We set off in good time and the highlight was to see three Kingfishers just before we arrived at Holmes Lock to meet with BW Lock Keeper Derek who was to conduct us back up the flight. Steady progress was made and I checked out one of the overhanging fig tree's but the figs were few and quite small this year.

Arrival back at the moorings highlighted that we were the last boat back. Now we only have to organise a short trip up to the basin for a pump-out and we can then close up Rosie until next spring.

The Summer into Autumn cruise 2011 has been for the most part a very enjoyable experience. We have met many new people some who have become friends and we hope to keep in touch with them. You know who you are and we are looking forward to meeting up with you all again quite soon.

The cruise was intended as a shake down trip for Rosie and she has proved to be faultless. It was also a shake down trip for the crew and again it has been a good learning outcome as we have been able to modify our carefully thought out plans. Some changes to the boat need to be made and some changes in us to help adapt to the idyllic nomadic lifestyle.

Now I shall start to make the provisions for over wintering and the normal day-to-day wear and tear replacement cycle. Here is the first pass of my “jobs to do” list in no particular priority order..
  1. Sterilise the water system throughout the boat before draining down.
  2. Fix problem with pump out tank level indicator.
  3. Checking the antifreeze level in the central heating system.
  4. Checking the antifreeze level in the engine coolant.
  5. Engine oil change and oil filter change.
  6. Visual check of all engine belts.
  7. Dose the fuel tank with diesel bug treatment.
  8. Check the roof joint on the stove pipe and reseal.
  9. Fill up the diesel tank.
  10. Rust spot eradication on roof.
  11. Cure small leak round saloon window.
  12. Battery bank replacement.
  13. Insulating the windows for the winter.
  14. Front cratch cover fitted.
  15. Rear cover fitted.
  16. Gas bottle replaced.
  17. Update lighting to LED
  18. Repair to pram cover.
  19. Finish fitting the washing machine.
  20. Modify the saloon table.
  21. Additional shelf space.
  22. New boat pole.
  23. Rope replacements.
  24. Side fender replacements.
  25. Button fender shackle replacements.
  26. Modify saloon table for easier access.
  27. Modify the top box height.
  28. Install and test new diesel generator.
  29. Install and test new solar panel.
  30. Prepare paintwork for re-painting in the spring.
  31. Install self pump out pump.

Daily Total
Distance: 2.5 Miles.
Locks: 14
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 1995.0

Summer/Autumn Cruise 2011
Total Distance: 307 Miles
Locks: 284
Swing / Lift Bridges: 64
Tunnels 6

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