Friday, 15 January 2010

BW's new Logo

I find it very curious that as we wait (in anticipation of the narrow boat adventures ahead) to kick start our retirement. Time apparently comes almost to a grinding standstill! I have it on good authority that we are now both best described as being "Gate Happy" apparently this is something that prisoner's get as they come towards the end of their period of incarceration. Maybe "Gate Happy" would be a good name for our boat!

We have even started to think about selling "Wits-End" the house and downsizing into a riverside cottage. You know, one with a mooring at the end of the garden. After Google earthing most of the canals and rivers in our area, what has become apparent is the lack of suitable properties with bank side access. We did find one - however it was within a hundred yards of a very fragrant sewage farm.

Official Announcement:

British Waterways has today announced that it is changing its official logo from a "canal bridge with reedmace" to a red, white and blue condom which resembles a boat's lifebelt. They have chosen to do this because it more accurately reflects its stance. The condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, and provides protection for pricks and other euphemistic organs. However, most importantly from BW's point of view, it gives licensees a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

It doesn't get much more accurate than that!

Things are starting to look better on the weather front. I noticed last week that someone had been ice breaking on the local cut between Rotherham lock and Eastwood lock. I managed to retrieve a short length of rope off the ice before the thaw came or it would have eventually ended up round someones propeller.

This weekend we plan a trip to a marina in Nottingham. We have seen an advert for a used narrow boat that we like the look of. The description seems to fit in to what we think (at this moment in time) we need from our comfort perspective.

The temptation for me is to go for a new boat. But the extended waiting period for the eventual launch would be a drawback. I am minded that we could also get a boat of our dreams second-hand and at the same time save a few bob. However, being a typical Yorkshire tyke, (flat hat, clogs, racing whippet and squeak when I walk) saving a bit of brass is quite appealing.

Maybe its me, I was put together in the days of pounds shillings and pence, real money. In the days when a foot was a measurement as well as something used for walking. Are you like me, or am I on my own. Do you have to do a mental calculation of metricky things to appreciate the dimensions of something! To be honest, personally I wouldn't touch the metric system with a 3.048m barge pole!


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