Saturday, 16 May 2015

Social Media and NarrowBoat World

Social Media is a catch all phrase which is bandied about. Today the more correct Social Networking is the phrase of choice. There are many different forms of social networks. The world of on-line social connections has expanded into different forms over the last few years. Each with its own unique set of characteristics. In the main a social network site allows users to connect and share with people who have similar interests. The bright new world of social networking is changing and I believe its changing for the better.

One of the increasingly more popular forms are the Social News sites such as Narrowboat World. Sites that are used to provide almost instantaneous news items for its target audience. Increasingly more and more preferred for several reasons over print by both the regular and casual users. Firstly because its a free service that does not require a subscription. Often preferred because of the almost total lack of advertising. But most of all because the articles are from a group of recognised and knowledgeable contributors. The style is set by Tom Crossly an old time newspaper editor and publisher.

You will find investigative waterways stories which can be long running. Such as the current one over the Waterways Ombudsman. You will find almost instant commentary of the boating issues of the day. There are editorials which provide considered opinion on many waterways stories such as the recent changes in the terms and conditions of boat licensing. But most of all, Narrowboat World questions the motives of the current - almost secret society - that is the Canal and River Trust. Or as it increasing becoming known in boating circles. The Cycling Angling Rambling Trust.

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