Wednesday, 13 May 2015

7's up!

Jan. 13 2015 marked the end of mainstream support for all versions of Windows 7 SP1. 

What does that mean for the millions of us doing our daily computing on Win7 systems? 

Very soon, our operating systems will be essentially frozen — we'll no longer receive any enhancements or non-essential fixes. We will, however, receive monthly security updates until Jan. 14, 2020, Win7's official "End of extended support" date (at which point, Microsoft will want us on Windows 42 — or whatever version release it is by then.
Just as happened with windows XP, Windows 7 systems should no longer receive updates of any kind after January 2020. And just as XP is now, Windows 7 will then become extremely vulnerable to new malware and exploits. Win7 will continue to work well after 2020 because there's no deadline for your Win7 license. However, I wouldn't use it to go on-line.

Bottom line: Windows 7 is far from dead, but it is entering its final phase of official life. It's time to make a long term plan for that change.

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