Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Front Runner

Have you ever experienced the 'Mo Farah' front runner boater. There we were just approaching Stenson lock. A few boats moored up nose to tail on the towpath side visitor moorings. I see frantic activity on our approach as ropes are thrown off - then a boat pulls out at the last moment and doing a warp factor nine impression. The water behind being churned up like an old twin tub washer, but very little movement. Several furtive backward glances at us as we were still catching up but still he goes for it. I throw the boat into reverse to lose some way. 

But I knew a couple of things that he didn't.

The problem was 'Mo' did not know it was the first of the double locks in front. The other thing he did not know was. We were looking to stop for the day. Good says I, that'll do nicely, just the right size for us and we can have a meal in the pub tonight. As I do a majestic sweep in to the slot to moor up.  It was like a work of art, just requiring a touch of reverse and we are in the slot with a couple of feet to spare at each end. The boat resting up against the pilings and the mooring rings at exactly the right spacings.

I could not resist having a walk up to the lock for a smirk. No eye contact as an uncomfortable 'Mo' seemed to be totally oblivious to me being stood there. His mum who was operating the lock said - sorry about that. I just smiled and said 'I bet he is just squirming inside.'

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