Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mars and Venus in conjunction.

I am convinced that I will never be able to understand the fair sex. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus and we have all heard that before. However, all that apart. Its just the logic of a woman that confounds me every time. 

Let me explain, we are moored up and I thought we could take the dog for a walk. So I asked her if she wanted to come along. She said 'I'm watching this romantic film and its really good. Can you take her on your own.' OK I say and me an the dog trundle off along the towpath. I quite enjoy taking the dog for a walk, because if nothing else, she is good at breaking the ice with strangers on the towpath. More so if they also have a dog of their own. 

It was just another day and another canal or so I thought. We bumped into a few doggie strangers. Everyone did the usual admiration of each others mutt. Patting, tickling and then we would carry on along our way. It was about an hour or so later before I returned back to the boat.

You can imagine my surprise to see the memsahib in the niff. So I said 'having a shower?' No she says 'I'm in a romantic mood.' 'A romantic mood?' I enquired, as I removed my coat and hat. She said 'It was the film on television that inspired me. The couple in the film were very much in love and the wife would be waiting for him to return home. She would prepare a romantic dinner and a bottle of the best wine. Or she might even dress in a very provocative way.' 'But your in the niff' I said, while nochelantly helping myself to a chocolate from the box of Belgian.' 

She replied 'The couple in the film described being in the nude as wearing the love dress - its a sort of secret code.' I said with a chuckle 'Sweetheart your love dress could do with ironing.' I don't remember much else. When I woke up the dog looked fuller than normal, I suspect that could be my dinner. She had consumed all the chocolates, as well as the whole bottle of wine. She then had the temerity to go off to bed with an headache. 

What did I do. Is it me?

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