Sunday, 12 April 2015

Inland Waterways Army

Keeping up the political theme from yesterdays posting. As the countdown to polling day 2015 ticks inexorably downwards. The grey granddads in the provisional arm of the IWA (Inland Waterways Army) have come up with their own political manifesto. I'm not sure where the idea came from but I can only assume that the Rupert's and Meg's on the committee enjoyed a flagon of Farage finest each!

The mystic Megs and bewildered Ruperts in the Army and its first battalion of Towpath Rangers intend to campaign and to win political support across all party lines. (It must have been - Strong Brew) By organising a sort of uber coalition (we all know how well coalitions work) to promote its own 2015 Election Manifesto.  Well I suppose its easy for the grey granddads to do a bit of self congratulatory posturing and tub thumping at an appropriate time. After all, 2015 is according to Chinese astrology the year of the Goat. 

Parliamentary candidates are being urged to sign the Armies Five Point Partnership. It's to be hoped that FPP does better than the CaRT Waterways Partnerships. Each election candidate (there are many thousands of them) are going to be asked to pledge that, if elected, they will use their influence in parliament and in their constituencies to further the upkeep, protection and restoration of the country’s canals and rivers.

So, which of the political parties will be aligning with the Gee Gee's (Grey Granddads). 

The natural party of choice for the grey granddads on an age basis will be UKIP. The age profile of UKIP candidates at 52 years old is a considerably higher average than for candidates of other parties. Conservative (40), Labour (44), Lib Dem (48) and Green (45). UKIP is no longer a peripheral party and will, for the for first time in a UK General Election, have a measurable impact on the outcome. Both directly, through winning seats, and indirectly by influencing the behaviour of the other parties. Much of the UKIPpers appeal with the public has arisen from positioning itself as the Farage beer swilling ‘anti European party’. Over 430 UKIP candidates have announced their intention to stand thus far. 

So who amongst the great and the good has signed up to the Grey Granddads five point plan: 

Richard Benyon: Click Here
Karen Bradley: The Minister for Modern Slavery and Organised Crime in the Home Office. 
Andrew Bridgen: Click Here
Jonathan Djanogly: Click Here
Zac Goldsmith: Click Here
Richard Harrington: Significant shareholder Eden Financial, wealth management.
Mark Isherwood: Cross Party Group - Older People and Ageing.
Andrea Leadsom: Click Here 
Bill Walker: Click Here
Sue Cooper: Has a strong interest in cycling for all.
Paul Ray: Click Here

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