Saturday, 11 April 2015

Politics a View

I am beginning to get enthusiastic about politics again. I know it might be time to have a lay down...

Not that I would want to work in the current three ring circus that is the palace of Westminster. No - I'm starting to believe that what happened with the politicising of the electorate in Scotland (Yes/No referendum) has started to work its way south of the border. People I know and correspond with who don't normally give a damn for politics (local or national) are being drawn in by the ground swell. I remember talking to my mother many years ago about her post war recollections. The most memorable for her was the groundswell of opinion amongst the working class. About 'people power' being responsible for ousting someone (Churchill) who was considered to be by everyone the saviour of the country.

There has been a great deal of angst brewing locally amongst the electorate and its not for any single party, it seems to be for politicians in general. People I know who would never hold a thought however fleeting, intend to vote this time and they have made up their mind already. I have this feeling that the political spectrum will be very very different after the next election. However, I also feel that the outcome will certainly create more problems than the outcome will solve. I have this feeling that the Blair legacy and the SNP plus the Cameron factor will open the way for something even worse. Maybe we will have a few rounds of Berlesconi style Italian politics. Bringing in its wake multiple elections and add a whole new meaning to Vote Now, Vote Often.

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