Monday, 13 April 2015

Agent Provocateur

As the war of ideologies between those boat owners who prefer to spend most of their time located in a marina. (known as the shiny boaters or brass polishers) And those boat owners who choose to live aboard and constant cruise on the waterways continues to smoulder. (considered by the brass polisher to be avoiding paying for a mooring

The smouldering is now being turned into a full blown conflagration. One that is  being fed by the trust publishing guidelines which are targeted only at boaters without a home mooring. As boat numbers continue to fall and revenue streams start to feel the pinch. The trust seems to be employing scare tactics to try to reverse the other trend. Which is for more and more people to opt out of the marinas.

No doubt in the fullness of time the courts will be consulted to pontificate and decide the outcome. If the outcome does not fit into the plan for the future of the trust. Even more tinkering and more time spent in court will be the outcome.  Yet the black hole of the maintenance backlog continues to grow. So the diversion of attention into new guidelines gives the trust some breathing space.

You could not make it up!


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