Monday, 18 April 2011

Bugsworth Basin

We had a day out with boating friends Ian, Diana and their daughter Bridget. The highlight being a visit to Bugsworth Basin and calling in to the Navigation Inn for some liquid refreshments. We found the Peak Forest canal to be a very picturesque waterway and the arm up to Bugsworth is certainly well worth a visit. Bugsworth is a late 18th century inland port and was associated with a multi-level tramway which was used for moving large quantities of limestone. Bugsworth also had an industrial complex for producing slaked lime. Now that the limestone industry has gone and the tramway has fallen into disuse the ruins of the basin and tramway are very picturesque.

Nb Augers Well
 The weather was magnificent and the trip provided a welcome break from the bricklaying task  at ch√Ęteau Wits End. Though it was early in the season it was easy to see why so many visitors and boaters are attracted to this part of the canal system.

The Navigation
There were quite a few narrow-boats on the move into and out of the basin and quite a large collection of local gongoozelers were in attendance. We have already started making some tentative plans to bring Rosie to this part of the canal system. The mooring facilities round the basin are very good and the preservation of the basin is an ongoing project.

We started to walk up the tramway for a short distance into a traffic free area, where we could exercise the dogs to burn off some of their energy. We saw lots of people out walking their dogs and one of the more noticeable aspects was the lack of dog excrement to be seen. It was a pleasure to see people actually clearing up after their dogs.

The IWPS (Inland Waterways Protection Society) have been working on the maintenance of the site for over thirty years.

Poppy and Abbie met quite a few other dogs out for a days walking. Though we did have to warn one boating family that Poppy was trying to figure out how to join them on board. 

There is a small museum in the basin with lots of information about the working life of of the tramway and the canal during the period of the industrial revolution. Later we retraced our steps back to the basin and set off along the towpath towards the Peak Forest canal junction. 

Nb Meg
Soon it was time for some lunch and we headed for another of the local pubs. It was a welcome surprise to find that the dogs were more than welcome to come inside. They were both well behaved and sat quietly in a corner out of the way. The pub also has several dogs of their own who were also well behaved. As there was none of my favourite lamb on the menu. I had to rough it with, roast pork followed by apple pie and custard. Life is sometimes such a disappointment!!!

The Dog and Partridge is well worth a visit, as is The Navigation Inn. In this enlightened time of refurbished pub interiors it was nice to see the  Dog and Partridge like the Navigation had not been redeveloped. The Navigation also has many old pictures of Bugsworth basin in its heyday that are well worth taking the time to view.

Where did they go?
After lunch we retraced our steps once again back towards Bugworth Basin and the gentle exercise and the very warm weather helped to create a good thirst by the time we were back at The Navigation.

The dogs retired to the car boot where Abbie was soon fast asleep. Whilst Poppy did her best to attract the attention of people passing by.

We had a most enjoyable day. Which was rounded off with a visit to see our friends John and Tracy at their place in the Hope Valley.

Here is a selection of other photographs taken on the day.

A busy day on the Peak Forest canal
Nb Inuksuk
Nb Bojangles
Nb Barleycorn
Nb Ning
Nb Bella
  Nb Arboretum 

Nb Dreams

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  1. I have had an email suggesting the place name should be Bugworth and not Bugsworth. The red Transport Trust Heritage Plate uses the word Bugsworth. However, I was told that the people living locally prefer to use the name Buxworth. Each to their own.


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