Saturday, 7 March 2015

Barging Around

Are you like me, do you remember the old TV program - which was to become the prophetically named Locks and Quays series for television with a story line based upon the Inland Waterways. A series which embraced the heritage, history and something of the ethos of the canals. Unfortunately the series presenter was Fred Talbot an ex weather presenter on television. Fred Talbot has recently joined the prison service but not as a staff member but as an inmate.

Then there is the latest in the inland waterways genre which I am quite enjoying. Like the previous series it is named after a play on words. The latest one is named 'Barging Around'  With John Sargent as the presenter. As usual following the general tenure of facebook forums. The comments being passed are in the main negative. Some people simply don't like the presenter, yet he was seen as a consummate professional in his political reporting days. He then went on to become something of a national treasure - who despite his best efforts - the public kept voting to bring him back on celebrity toe stamping. I met him some years ago (he was reporting on a bye election) I discovered that he is quite a charming and humorous sort. 

Some people think that the program should be about boaters for boaters. Which is a niche market that would not carry the numbers of viewers for being broadcast on mainstream TV. But the series just might be a candidate for perpetual reruns on Dave. It's a bland bit of programming intended for the mass market - pitched with just enough variation which is also into a few loosely linked items. Just enough content to hold the attention span of a disinterested in boating onlooker. Put simply, experienced boaters are not going to find the program informative but it will provide them with a snigger or two for the odd faux par. Yet, interestingly its provided quite a bit of angst and comment amongst the nay sayers on Facebook!

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