Sunday, 4 January 2015

Understanding CaRT#2

Most people know that I enjoy poking fun at CaRT, if I did not poke fun, then I would only end up crying into my beer.  So in the spirit of being a bit more upbeat, I decided to do some fractured motivational posters.  As a kid I had a few motorcycle posters on my bedroom wall. So I decided to hang a few inland waterways posters on my blog wall. Many people are somewhat puzzled about the role and function of (CaRT) the Canal and River Trust. Here are a series of helpful pictures that will assist with a deeper  understanding.

There is a huge problem facing the future of the Inland Waterways and that is the age profile of its main user group the boaters. There is a shortage of common ground between the more youthful and the senior citizens - who traditionally feel that they know what's best. The truss feels that its important to  address the vexed issue of the age demographic profile. So it is vitally important to ensure that the team who are planning to make the changes is in touch with the younger generation. Understanding their wants, needs and expectations. Init!

Today's image should help you to understand the nature of the problem.

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