Thursday, 11 August 2011

Unlimited fun

Are cyclists becoming more blase about their and other peoples safety, are they also becoming more carefree about the enjoyment of our waterways shared by themselves and other waterways users?

If I see someone fishing, I always slow down, though I have been asked more than once to "stir it up a bit." It seems that fish tend feed more when the water is coloured rather than clear. I slow down when passing moored boats. I am an old softy at heart and I try not to spoil the enjoyment of others. I can't say the same for the cycling fraternity as they are making me feel hostile towards them.

A few posts back, I wittered on about the Lycra Louts (cyclists) clad in high viz in high speed pursuit of each other along the towpath. Well, today as I walked the dogs, I came across another group the Spandex Taliban. Only this time, there was one significant difference.  Most of them were somewhat older than the Lycra Louts as evidenced by the varicose road maps tattooed on their legs. Where the first group had been breathing quite heavy, this group where wheezing just as loud. Again they were travelling in a pack, at some speed and deliberately passing within inches.

I decided to have a word with two or three of  them as they wizzed past. I said "Can you slow down a bit as you go past" the almost unanimous answer would have involved me in a physical impossibility to get myself in the correct position.

There are "Two Tings" that I need to get off my chest. One is that I know it will be hard to convince them that their entitlement to fun does not exceed others’ entitlement to a peaceful afternoon free of the side effects of their entertainment. The second one is that I hope my walking stick does not accidentally get stuck in someone's front wheel next time they come so close.

Does anyone know where I can obtain a couple of those police stop sticks?



  1. Lots of anti cyclists on Waterscape-Official (Facebook) at the moment. I have asked BW when canals and towpaths became separate entities. As boats originally had to be towed it follows that towpaths are part of the canal, one and the same. As canals have a 4mph speed limit then it follows that towpaths do as well.
    Why do we not have signs saying this ? BW are so good (nice to be good at something) at putting up signs.

  2. I fear that matters will continue to deteriorate, possibly to the extent that a police 'stinger' will become part of a boater's essential equipment. Indeed, I feel that I should invest some time looking for a lightweight version that, along with ones windlass, could be carried on a Batman like utility belt ready for rapid deployment. Cheers, Chris.

  3. Well said!

    Echoed here in one of my blog posts:

    Word verification for this comment is: nonono (really lol)

    Heth (Takey Tezey)


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