Saturday, 6 September 2014

Windows 7 Tools and Tips (2)

Windows 7 Tools and Tips 

May also work with windows 8

It has been quite a while since I touched on 'computermabob' things. Its not that I don't still mess around with IT - even if I have been retired from such things for a while now.  Like an old boat stuck in the mud of the English canal system. I have not moved on to using windows version 8 because in the main its only windows 7 with a new overcoat. A bit like CaRT is still BW with a thin coat of paint.

Have you ever played around with the calculator in Windows. It can perform much more than just simple arithmetic functions. The calculator can do much more than the apparent four function basic calculator which is limited to add, subtract, divide and multiply. 

Calculator is quite an advanced but easy to use tool. The many advanced functions are effectively hidden and only accessible through the applications view menu. There you will find many other options available such as a scientific mode of operation.
My favourite that I frequently use are the unit conversion options as I flick from Kilo's to Pounds and Kilometres to Miles. You can even calculate
the number of days, weeks, months or years between any two dates.


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