Tuesday, 23 September 2014

CaRT and Visitor Moorings Issues

Visitor Moorings Issues.

The more I look at the issue, the more disenchanted I become in the process that was conducted by the trust. There has been much written and debated on this subject in various forums. Most evidence provided seemed to have been based upon anecdotal memories of unrecorded complaints. I have been unable to work out a rational behind the need for the consultation other than one based upon a knee jerk reaction to speculation. The proof of the flawed evidence being claims that proved on careful examination to be unsubstantiated and anecdotal at best.

Therefore to gain a better understanding of the issues you have to consult with the boaters concerned. Not the ones having a moan, but the boaters who are using the moorings. Establishing the reason why people choose a particular venue. Establishing the reasons for the length of their stay is going to be of more value, than any unattributable speculation from others. I believe that the issue is congestion and not overstaying. Has increasing the number of visitor moorings at popular locations been considered as part of the solution. What long/medium/short term plans does the trust have for increasing and improving mooring locations. Moorings previously used as long term have been taken out of use  where new marinas have been built. Have any been re-designated as visitor moorings?

If you take any arbitrary length of a canal, some moorings will be more used than others. There will be many reasons why people chose a particular location. It could be because a certain mooring location is recommended in a canal guide. That is certainly one way we have chosen in the past especially if we did not know the area. It could be that the mooring is close to external facilities such as the availability of a bus service or railway station. The popularity of any mooring could change almost overnight if a new supermarket opens. Various venues and attractions located nearby will also play a significant part in attracting visitors.

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