Thursday, 31 January 2013

Spooky or what?

You may call it co-incidence, however I still think its a bit spooky.... I wrote a posting a few days ago about David Attenborough and Human Conservation Click Here

Yesterday I had a follow up comment left on the blog from Kath on Nb Bobcat. The comment made reference to the biblical flood and Noah. It seems that the powerhouse that is Joanna Lumley the actress had done the narration on a program about the possible origin of the flood.

Kath said "The story was investigated (by Joanna Lumley - well she narrated it) and it goes back to very early times in the Hindu religion (which is the oldest) I hesitate to put in the earliest references but I think around 5000BC. Also appears in Islam and many others. There was definitely a Great Flood and the name Noah appears in various guises. Interesting program."
I had just replied "Hi Kath, I seemed to have missed the wonderful Joanna Lumley on the flood. Her talents have been tested over the years. Progressing from model to straight actress through comedy to voice overs and champion of the Gurkha's of Nepal. I will never forget the fear in the eyes of Phil Woolas the government minister when she mugged him in front of the cameras. If one actress should be made a dame then its JL. Now, who is going to get into an argument with her - certainly not me."

Bing! goes my laptop to let me know an email has arrived in my email system. When I checked my inbox it was an email from Joanna Lumley - I was gob smacked! I knew she was good, but I never thought that she was that good. It was an email from Compassion in World Farming. Joanna is lending her considerable influence to the cause of animal welfare in farming.

Dear Michael, Thank you so much for taking action on, calling for the urgent introduction of an EU Dairy Cow Welfare Directive. Every email that the European Commission receives reinforces the need for this vital new law to protect farm animals. Thank you for giving a voice to dairy cows!
You are remarkable because you have spoken out on behalf of millions of animals with no voice of their own. And you are remarkable because, by taking action like this alongside Compassion in World Farming, you really can change lives. Here are just a few examples of how Compassion’s supporters have made a real difference for farm animals:
Veal crates - banned
Thanks to Compassion campaigners, it has been illegal in the EU to rear calves in narrow, restrictive crates since 2007.Persistence and determination brought about this important legislation – first in the UK and then across Europe.
Barren battery cage - banned
Against all the odds, our campaigners helped secure the ban on barren battery cages for laying hens right across the EU.This ban, which came into force in January 2012, has been hailed by many as the single biggest victory for animal welfare in recent history.
Sow looking through bars
Following intense campaigning from Compassion, keeping pregnant sows in narrow sow stalls after the first four weeks of pregnancy, became illegal in the EU in January 2013. We are now working tirelessly to ensure that all 27 member states fully comply with this ban so that millions of pigs have the chance of a better life.
With your help Compassion will defend these victories in our fight to end factory farming, and our next great achievement for farm animal welfare will not be far away.
Spread the free-range message even further with your FREE compassionate window sticker!

As a compassionate campaigner we’d like to send you a FREE sticker to display in the window of your car, house or even your office. There are two stickers to choose from. To request your sticker, simply click on your choice below:
"Compassion in World Farming has done an amazing job in achieving real change for millions of farm animals."

Joanna Lumley OBE

I told you it was spooky... But its also a wonderful cause - why not lend your support.


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