Sunday, 3 July 2011

Is it the police who are nicked?

Essex Police have launched an internal investigation after two of their officers woke up a 13-year-old boy just before midnight to quiz him about throwing an apple at school.

Apart from the childish prank should have been dealt with in a more appropriate way. What on earth possessed plod to go just before midnight. This is a lose all credibility moment that just fuels Joe Public's perception of an out of touch police force. 

The boys father, said two officers called at his home at 11.20 pm at night to quiz his son. After a complaint that he had thrown an apple and bruised the arm of a fellow pupil. The boys father added  "The officers were absolute bullies and scared the life out of my children. They forced him into signing a piece of paper promising not to do it again. It's just kids growing up and messing about, but the other child's parents felt they needed to contact the police. They came round here being brutish and bullying and scared my children very late on a Saturday night - I had to get them out of bed."

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We have received a complaint, which will be investigated. An appointment has been made to take details of his complaint on Thursday. While a complaint is being investigated, it would be inappropriate to comment any further."

I thought it was much more inappropriate to go at that hour.
Oh dear, never mind the Apple it looks like the Essex police have stood on a Banana (skin). I thought they were Plum wrong and taking the Cherry with this. The Police have a difficult job to do when investigating crimes of Passion (fruit).  They could have chosen a better Date and time and time to visit. The Pear of officers were only doing their duty. They need  to Prune their enthusiasm. Otherwise the public will blow these couple of Star (fruits) a loud Raspberry.

I will get my coat.



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