Friday, 15 August 2014

Big Society, CaRT and the Charity Commission.

The Canal and River Trust it seems is in good company. Because of its four investigations that are being conducted by the charity commission. It has certainly outdone David Cameron’s flagship, Big Society Network if only in the number of ongoing investigations. The Charity Commission has confirmed. The Charity Commission did, indeed, open four complaints against the Trust last year, two of them related to Network Access Agreements and the other two are related to CaRT's independence from government.

Big Society 'BS' or 'Bull Shit' as it is better known is being investigated by the Charity Commission over an allegation that it misused government funding and made inappropriate payments to its directors including a Tory donor. The Big Society Network, which was launched by the Prime Minister in 2010, was given at least £2.5 million of National Lottery funding and public-sector grants despite having no record of any charitable activity.

The Charity Commission said: “Our case into the Society Network Foundation [Big Society, BS or Bull Shit] remains open and ongoing." Now the Big Society Network is being wound up, having used much of the money on projects that came nowhere near delivering on their promised objectives. There is a growing demand for a public inquiry into its independence from government. Including links between the Big Society Network and senior Conservatives and its
independence from government.

Sounds to be a familiar scenario, now where have I heard that before?

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