Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vulnerable Boaters

As the issue over eviction of vulnerable boaters from the canal rolls ever onward and gathering increasing momentum. I see that nothing has been issued of any note from our Chairman of Trustees.  Though from Lynne Berry's reported remarks in another forum at least she is aware of such issues and has stated her ambitions in that direction. Maybe Lynne could lean over and nudge the Chairman awake and point out what is happening on his 'watch'.

Has anyone heard a single sound about this important issue from our  elected members on council. Those charged with championing on boating issues. This is an issue on which even they might feel the first stirrings of motivation take up on our behalf. Now call me old and cynical, but I have the feeling that nothing will happen until their position is published by the IWA. Maybe as we run up to next years elections. We should encourage those with a broad range of suitable skills, the required motivation and ambition to come forward. After all we are the ultimate floating voter.

I am sure that the deafening silence from those who should have been most aware, will continue. So what worth do the electorate actually get from those we elected. Those who like the three monkeys of old. Say nothing, see nothing, hear nothing and in their case do nothing. 

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