Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Politics and Religion

The Conservatives' slogan The "Big Society" and "We're all in this together." Formed part of his first speech after the election. It was Wednesday 06 October 2010 when Mr Cameron said "This is not a cry for help, but a call to arms. Come on, let's pull together, Let's come together, Let's work together in the national interest. It's about government helping to build a nation of doers and go-getters. It is right that those with broader shoulders bore a larger share of the burden of reducing the deficit, and the Government would always aim to ensure measures to cut spending were fair."

So I thought I would observe things around me.  Just to see if we are 'all in this together.' To see if the load has been shouldered by everyone. To see if we have all actually played a part in sharing the burden. Helping to recover the country and improving everyone's living standards. After all as millionaire David Cameron says, we're all in this together, well we are - aren't we?

You all know me, I'm a devout atheist, though I do believe that we should respect peoples beliefs, irrespective of their chosen affiliation. I was brought up in a 'Christian' (CoE) household with an enlightened mother who allowed us to make our own choices. Quite early on I decided that religion was not for me.

I have often said that politics and religion should never be combined. Politicians should not hold political office and vice versa. Whether we like it or not a political view will never trump a religious persuasion. Politicians however, have this wonderful gift of finding religion to salve a conscience. As in the case of war monger Tony Blair.

A YouGov poll found 65% of people questioned described themselves as "not religious", while 29% said they were. However, these people would have come from a range of faiths and not just Christianity.

Now it seems that the prime minister has 'seen the light' and started to meddle in religion. He says that we are a Christian nation - we that we have many other flavours of religion amongst the people of this land seems to have slipped by him. I know many people who I would describe as being of a charitable persuasion, who would say loud and proud that they are not Christians. Cameron's comments could be politically "useful", for the coming election as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been "emphasising traditional values" for quite some time.

I believe that there are more atheists and lapsed (insert a religion of your choice) in our population than believers. However saying that, I am pleased that Cameron has found christianity is his choice of religion. I hope he will now put into practice some of his new found Christian values. Starting with Jesus and his rallying call for casting out of the money lenders... Bankers and ex bankers in government would be a good place to start. Those pay-day loans companies such as Wonga must also be quite high on the list for the bums rush. 

Proving once and for all, we're all in this together!


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