Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Muddled Christmas sorted

Muddled Christmas Sorted

T'was Christmas night in the morning;
and everything was left on the right;
with a warming blast of frozen air;
and footprints of a snowmen in flight.

Santa arrived in a widebeam narrowboat;
he looked sad in a happy sort of way;
the first of the last lot of presents;
keeping very quiet he had much to say.

Speeding along at a snails pace;
as sunshine lit up the dark night;
Santa had forgotten to remember;
he was wrong to think the total was right.

The naughty boater was being very good;
a merry Christmas is such a sad time;
so he delivered the choice of one present;
shouting hello as he waved the boater goodbye!

'Merry Christmas' and a very 'Happy New Year' to my reader. 
I hope the Santa has brought some cheer to you all. 

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