Thursday, 12 December 2013

Just One Cornetto

Nothing surprises me when it comes to the waterways anywhere in the world.
Now life on the English canals is very laid back and hiring a canal boat can be a great family holiday experience. However, Venice has been a popular port of call for people on honeymoon for many years.  As a tourist attraction the canals have long been full of mixed boat traffic where the vessels vary in size. 

Now, after an horrific accident. Venice's famous gondoliers are to be restricted from operating on the city’s Grand Canal following the death of a tourist in a waterway collision. The fifty-year old tourist from Germany died when the vessel he was travelling in collided with a water taxi. Now Venice is to prevent the traditional gondola from operating at busy periods during the day. 

The serenades that honeymooners have enjoyed for centuries will be restricted to the night and gondoliers will no longer be allowed to use mobile phones while they are moving. The gondolier operating the vessel involved in the accident tested positive for cocaine use prompting new regulation on drug and alcohol use being implemented.

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