Friday, 13 December 2013

The 12 Gifts of Christmas (1)

The 12 Gifts of Christmas are the Rose of Arden recommends of useful and practical gift items for boater in your life. For the last three years the crew of Rose of Arden have scoured the world to bring Christmas gift ideas to the boating community. This year we bring a further selection of gift ideas which can be purchased through several corporate tax avoiding multinational companies.

Number one in our top dozen for Christmas 2013 - Is a delightful Unisex gift item for those of us who have packed a few Christmas parties into our hectic schedule. 

We bring you the  Rose of Arden inflatable zimmer frame. A practical item that is both space saving when deflated and also doubles as a life preserver when making your way back along the towpath from the pub.

Yes, you to can be the envy of the marina as you effortlessly negotiate the sometimes difficult sustrans maintained velodrome towpaths.


  1. Hi Mike & Maggie. I love the idea of the inflatable zimmer frame! Reminds me of when I was hobbling on and off my boat with a broken leg.
    Sorry to ask this on your comments section but I couldn't find anyway of contacting you. I love your blog and was wondering if you would mind me posting an rss feed of your blog on my website? ( as I am compiling a list of my favourite blogs and would love to include your Rose Of Arden blog.
    Many thanks.
    Mark Hall (

    1. Feel free to link in any way you like. Just remember that most of it is a child friendly blog as its a big kid that writes most of it!

      Seasons Greetings from the crew of RoA.

  2. Wozie nb Oakfield13 December 2013 at 12:43

    That made I larf out loud, well done.
    Almost as good as the walkingstick umbrella, which conjures up visions of one falling over when one puts it up!

    1. As you might have guessed already - there is more to come.

      Seasons Greetings from the crew of RoA.

  3. Many Thanks,

    I look forward to reading more adventures aboard.
    Have a great Christmas!


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