Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rochdale Canal Scoop!

The towpath telegraph reports that the CaRT management are going to do their bit to clean up the shit. They are now working in conjunction with Keep Britain Tidy and the Dogs Trust to organise 'The Big Scoop campaign.' And like Oliver Hardy said to Stan Laurel 'that's another fine mess you got me into.'

However, as the more perceptive amongst you will have already gathered. The management will not be actually scooping the poo. That rewarding task is apparently down to the first battalion of the canal litter picker volunteers. So the volunteer pooper scoopers will be de-pooping the towpath along the Rochdale Canal between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. A task that will no doubt draw in even more volunteers to help. After all, ten billion flies can't all be wrong!

Karen Jackson, environmental scientist at CaRT said: “Dog fouling is becoming a huge problem for us along this section of canal.” I can't help but think Karen should get out more and examine the other two and a half thousand miles of inland waterways. She would then soon come to realise that she now has a 'jobbie' for life, so to speak.


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